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Canada, U.S.A, and Iceland!! September 2016 Here We Come!

It’s official, In September 2016 My Travel Mission will be hitting Canada, USA, and having a cheeky stop over in Iceland on the way back! I CAN NOT wait!

So the plan is that we will fly out to Toronto from Gatwick with Westjet, a Canadian airline which has just opened up transatlantic routes, which are really good value. We have booked an amazing apartment in downtown Toronto through Airbnb, on the 66th (no less) floor of a new sky scraper near to the CN tower (tallest building in the western hemisphere!).

While we are there we have return train tickets to visit Niagara Falls! It takes about 3 hours to get there round lake Ontario.

We are then onto Ottawa by train to meet up with our good friends Pepe and Helena! After spending some time there we are making our way to Montreal and then taking a 10 hour Amtrak train down to NYC!!!

Five nights in NYC is going to be awesome, all the sights and some brewery tours thrown in, check out Pepe’s blog http://beerswithpeps.blogspot.co.uk/ for some beery information, he’s mad about everything beer related! Planning on going to this rather swanky place as well http://www.torstnyc.com/ whilst there.

We say bye to Pepe and Helena there and then again have really good priced flights with Iceland Air from NYC to Rekjavik! We have used Airbnb again there to book accommodation as it all seems a bit on the expensive side, but we are really centrally located again in an amazing looking apartment.

I cant wait to see the blue lagoon, the golden circle and as much as we can fit into the short time we have there! Its going to be a busy packed schedule but we are so excited!

We then have £50 flights back to the U.K with British airways! Luggage and everything, cant complain about that!

More trips planned in between including Cyprus so keep in touch!

Happy travelling!

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