Troodos Mountains – Cyprus

So this is the last (for now) of my triple whammy of posts about Cyprus off the beaten track (boooooooo….I hear you all say!). I’ve had a really good response to them and really glad so many people have enjoyed them and I hope they’ve given you some ideas and motivation to get out there! If you’ve missed the other posts, firstly, where have you been?? Secondly if you would like to check them out here are the links:

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The Troodos Mountains

So mountains aren’t really the first thing that jump to the mind when anybody mentions Cyprus right? Well what about snow covered, alpine forest covered, 1,952 metre high mountains? Oh yes! Now okay, they are obviously not snow covered all year round, but I have visited as late as March and still found really deep snow, and yes…you can also ski there. Now that’s pretty cool! For more info on skiing check out  and

Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

The first time I went up into the Troodos Mountains, it was my first time in Cyprus roughly 10 years ago. Everything was new to me, and for this reason my memories of that trip are still clear in my mind. It was the middle of August and Cyprus was in a kind of heatwave. Which from what I can gather means that at that time of year it goes into the high 40’s rather than the low 40’s! I’d never experienced heat like it. I still remember the wall of heat punching me in the face as I stepped of the plane…wo! Being typical Brits, we had all got really sun burnt…I’ve mentioned me trying the local remedy of smothering myself in yoghurt in my first post about Cyprus…it was that bad! Even going to the beach you couldn’t escape the humidity. This was when we set off for the mountains.

The fresh alpine air

It’s a totally different climate here, everything changes, the sights, the light, the smells, everything is totally different….totally refreshing! It’s definitely one of my favourite areas to explore in Cyprus. There are some really cool drives around the Troodos mountains as well, even the main roads become mountain switchback roads at some points, and there are more than a few WOW moment views here!

Caledonia Falls

This is a really fun walk which starts next to the Trout farm at Psil Dendro near Platres on the B8 from Limassol to Troodos. The walk is fairly easy going, quite steep in places and you cross the river a few times stepping on large stones and walkways but it is not in any way frightening. It takes about 30 minutes from here to get to the waterfall it is up hill almost all the way but very much achievable.

Troodos, Cyprus
The trail leading to the waterfall

The path is pretty clear and it is a really scenic enjoyable walk through the woods along the river to the waterfall with plenty of places to stop and have a drink and take photos!

At the end of the walk at the water fall the path opens up and each time I have been there I find it to be a moment that stops you in your tracks. It’s not a massive waterfall, and during the summer months there is a lot less water but still it is really picturesque and a lovely place to spend some time!

Troodos Mountains Cyprus
The Caledonia Falls, Cyprus….the reward at the end of the trail

There are some great local restaurants and tavernas around here serving the local fresh water fish as well as all of the traditional Greek Cypriot dishes. Why not try a carafe of the local village wine…always a pleasant experience!


This is a beautiful little village in the Troodos Mountains, the name translates roughly to bad rock. Legend has it that the village was named this as there was a tradition involving newly wed couples sitting on a large boulder as part of the celebrations and that during one of these ceremonies the rock started rolling and killed the couple! So they made a monument out of said rock and named the village after it!

Troodos Cyprus
The Bad Rock!

The village is really beautiful though, with its winding narrow streets and small river which flows through. Kakopetria makes a really awesome base for exploring the Troodos mountains and is worth a visit in it’s own right.

Troodos, Cyprus

At an altitude of just over 600 metres Kakopetria is very much in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains but you still experience that different climate and fresh mountain forest air.

Troodos, Cyprus

A really special place to stay or just go for a meal is The Mill in Kakopetria. An old water mill where you can still see the old working parts which has been transformed into a lovely hotel and restaurant. It is really different and slightly higgledy piggledy with it’s balconies looking out over the valley below, beautiful.

Troodos Mountains, Cyprus
The Mill, Kakopetria

If you do eat here…it has to be the steak…steak and chips made from those famous Cypriot potatoes…amazing!

Kakopetria, Cyprus
The view from the Mill, Kakopetria

Looking at that photograph gives me a serious case of wanderlust! Hopefully it will with you too!

Another great place for a base to explore the Troodos where I have stayed previously is the Rodon Hotel, Agros. This is a bit more of a luxury option with swimming pools, tennis courts, spa and sauna, at the moment Expedia have the best rates I could find online, usually priced at around £70 a night, a two night stay is coming up at £81, definitely good value for money.

Troodos, Cyprus
I think he’s closed!

If you have any comments or any questions then please leave a comment below or email me at

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading…now what’s stopping you? Go have an adventure!!!

Happy Travels!



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